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Toboggan Run Faulhorn-Grindelwald

The Longest Toboggan Run In Europe.

Where is the longest toboggan run in Europe ? The Jungfrau Region claims to be home to the Europe’s longest (or even World’s longest) toboggan run called Big Pintenfritz. This crazy, high-speed toboggan, 15 km long run leads from the Faulhorn 2681 m via Bussalp down to Grindelwald. Faulhorn/First/Bussalp region is a top destination for sled riders. There are several sledge runs here: 8 km classic ‘City Run’, ‘Family Run’ and ‘Bussalp Run’ but the highlight is of course the 15 km long Big Pintenfritz. The longest sledging run in Europe with panorama view over the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The curious name of Big Pintenfritz (Big Pub Fritz) refers to a village innkeeper who supposedly inaugurated the run after a bet. The starting point of the run can only be reached on foot but once on the Faulhorn (2681 m) you will be rewarded for your efforts with a unique panoramic view over the Swiss Alps.


Starting point: Faulhorn (2681 m)

End point: Grindelwald (1034 m)

Vertical drop: ca. 1600 m

Maps and Info: Sledging in Grindelwald

How to get there: There is no direct connection to Faulhorn. Some hiking is required. From Grindelwald: gondola lift Grindelwald-Schreckfeld-First and then ca. 1.5 h – 2 h walk to Faulhorn (elevation gain 513 m). From Bussalp: 2.5 h walk to Faulhorn (elevation gain 881 m).

Speed: Up to 40 km/h. Be cautious! 10’000 accidents every year. Fatal accidents also happens. Read this:

Sledge renting: Cost ca. 35 CHF (adults), 25 CHF (teenagares), 20 CHF (kids).

Restaurants: Having a tasty fondue is a must ! Restaurants are available in First, Bussalp and Grindelwald. Berghotel Faulhorn may be closed for winter. Check website.

Accommodation: Hotels in Grindelwald. My favourite: Berggasthaus First.

Not to be missed: First Cliff Walk – panorama platform at 2200 m at Berggasthaus First.

LINKS – The longest toboggan run in Europe – Sledging in Grindelwald, Bussalp – Tourist info about Jungfrau region – Info about Fritz Bohren, aka “Pintenfritz” – Alert over sledging accidents – Other crazy sleding runs – First Cliff Walk

ACCOMODATION – Berggasthaus First – Faulhorn and Berghotel Faulhorn. Official website


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