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Ski Holiday at Flims-Laax-Falera

Flims Laax Falera Ski Resort, Graubünden, Switzerland

The destination of Flims Laax Falera originally developed from summer tourism, with Flims and Lake Cauma at the very centre. Later, the region developed into a popular winter destination, with the center shifting up the mountain to LAAX and the Crap Sogn Gion mountain station. The destination offers a variety of year-round tourism offers to different target groups – whether in winter or summer.

Instead of staying in Laax, we decided to book an accommodation in less crowded Flims, in Arena Lodge Hotel. This hotel is located just 100m from cable car Bergbahnen Flims, so you can literally walk in ski boots across the road to the cable car station and take one of two cable cars bringing you to ski slopes. There are 2 cable cars starting from Flims:

  • Flims - Plaun (1100m to 1630m)

  • FlemXpress Films - Foppa (1100m to 1420m)

Arena Lodge Hotel (on the left)

Plaun 1630m

The two highest points on the slope are Vorab Gletscher 3018m on the Laax side and La Siala 2810m on the Flims side. There slopes on the Flims side are generally less crowded then slopes near the Crap Sogn Gion, the main station on the Laax side. This is mainly due to the fact, that there are several Snow Parks around this station. We spent most of the time on the Flims side circulating between Flims, Plaun, Scansinas, Sogn Martin, Nagens, Grauberg and La Siala. Best place to take a break/lunch is Plaun as it is a small bar with good food and old style atmosphere, where cash is still accepted.

Left: Crap Sogn Gion, Right: Restaurant at Vorab

Flims is also a popular hiking destination. There are several signposted winter hiking trails around the skiing slopes. If you prefer to stay away from the crowds in the Skiing Resort, you can head toward Waldhaus and from there hike to the beautiful turquoise Lake Cauma (Caumasee). Famous from the very unique turquoise color, it is one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Switzerland and maybe even in Europe.

Left: Cauma Lake in Winter, Right: Il Spir viewing platform

(Photo from Press Kit Winter 2023/24)

Continuing South-East you will reach the viewing platform Il Spir which offers a stunning 360 degree view over Ruinaulta. Ruinaulta is a canyon created by the Anterior Rhine by Ilanz/Glion and Reichenau in the debris of the Flims Rockslide just upstream of its confluence with the Posterior Rhine at Reichenau. The canyon is also known as the Rhine Gorge, or sometimes rather ironically called the Swiss Grand Canyon. Protected by cliffs several hundred meters high, the area is forested and a haven for wildlife. It is a popular location for rafting.


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